Personal Data Processing Authorization
By filling in my personal data, I give my voluntary, prior, express and informed consent to INDUSTRIAS HACEB S.A., identified with Tax ID Number 890900281-4, domiciled at Calle 59 número 55-80 kilómetro 13 Autopista Norte Copacabana - Antioquia, with phone number 018000 511000 or #466, to collect it and include it in its CUSTOMER databases, so that, in its capacity as the responsible party, it may use it directly or through the persons in charge that it may have at its disposal in order to process it as strictly necessary, whether it is located in Colombia or abroad, for the following purposes:
(a) comply with the obligations derived from the contractual relations that may be established.
(b) contact me through various physical and electronic channels to invite me to participate in loyalty programs, communicate promotions, advertising, and marketing campaigns, as well as to invite me to related events of interest
(c) Redeem discounts offered by the different channels.
(d) Perform data analytics and business intelligence related actions.
(e) Look up data in public databases for risk management purposes.
(f) Create my user account.
(g) Understand product use in order to offer other related products, services and personalized information that may add value.
(h) Develop models and algorithms that seek to improve the experience of using the product, services and Haceb App.
(i) By pairing my devices to the app, I understand that it contains a series of events related to its functionalities, such as: Internet connection status, general uses and device set-up through the App, device error, whether events originate from the device or from an external action, non-use of the device, among others; all these events, when executed, are read, stored and processed by the App, the Haceb cloud and other systems that make the product functional.
(j) Other purposes indicated in the Customer Database indicated in the INDUSTRIAS HACEB S.A. personal data processing policy available at which I hereby declare to have consulted.
Regarding the sensitive personal data that INDUSTRIAS HACEB S.A. may request from me, I am reminded that I am not obliged to respond to the request for such information. Likewise, I hereby declare that I was able to consult said policy, that I understand the purposes indicated and that I have been informed about the right I have as owner to know, update and rectify my data, request proof of authorization, be informed about the processing it has been subjected to, file complaints, revoke the authorization granted and request the deletion of my data in the appropriate cases. All of the above in accordance with the aforementioned policy and the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, its Regulatory Decrees and other laws that regulate this matter. Finally, I declare that I know and have been informed about the service channels provided by INDUSTRIAS HACEB S.A. to exercise my rights, which can be found in said policy.
I authorize the processing of my personal data for all the purposes described in the text.